Carriage Town: On the Path to Re-branding

You may notice new, vibrant banners installed along University Avenue as well as Grand Traverse Street and 5th Avenue.  This attention grabbing signage was installed with one goal in mind: re-branding Carriage Town.   Neighborhood involvement and participation has been on the decline for the past few years.  The board decided it was time to review our current vision and perhaps make some changes to our overall mission.  

While we are continuous advocates for preservation, we have decided that it was a good idea to focus on making our neighborhood a more sustainable, safe and fun place to live.  The re-branding effort is our first step in a movement that we hope will increase interest and participation in the neighborhood association.  We welcome young residents, or any resident for that matter, with fresh ideas to help us choose the most beneficial track for the whole neighborhood.  

We are working to stray away from negative discussions and topics that lead us no where.   The board is striving to focus on topics that we know we can successfully achieve rather than just “discuss” over and over again without any successful product.  

Again, we hope the re-branding project is the first successful step in getting the neighborhood back on track to being one of Flint’s Premier Neighborhoods that focuses on safety, fun and sustainability.  

September 1, 2017

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