Carriage Town Assessment for the MiNeighborhood Program

The Flint Carriage Town Neighborhood will hold a
MINeighborhood Baseline Assessment on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 316 Water Street (the Durant Dort Office Building). The agenda is as follows:

Arrival and tour through the district

Current assessment; where the neighborhood currently stands on:
• Volunteers
• Fundraising
• Communication (social media, newsletter, call-list, meetings, etc.)
• Partnerships (city, state, nonprofits, preservation groups, other neighborhoods, university, etc.)
• Marketing
• Events
• Historic Preservation (historic districts, ethic, ability, training, etc.)
• Beautification (flowers, signage, décor)
• Infrastructure (sidewalks and streets, lighting, etc.)
• Maintenance
• Home-based businesses
• Target Market Analysis
• Building Inventory (current survey)
• Financial Education
• Review of current projects

12:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm: Continuation of current assessment

2:15pm: Break

2:30pm: Visioning based on current assessment and future needs
• Mission & vision review/creation
• Listing of current projects to keep ongoing
• Determination of historic preservation training needs
• Brainstorming of future projects
• Dot survey to determine projects to move forward
• Assignment of project chairs
• Work planning basics

4:30pm: Break and set-up for Reception

5-6pm: Reception
• Open to the public
• Opportunity to recruit volunteers for projects determined at the visioning
• Opportunity to capture contact information for neighborhood residents & stakeholders

September 16, 2015